Since November 2013, the Dugdale Theatre has displayed an A1 poster ‘Poem of the Month’ in its window so that passers by can read it. These were originally designed by Lindley Smith but are now by Jools Holland.

The idea is to make poetry accessible to all and to be an example of what Enfield Poets does. The poems often feature our own poets but are not confined to them.

To mark the one year anniversary of the Enfield Poets ‘Poem of the Month’, the Dugdale mounted an exhibition of the featured works. Thank you to the fantastic staff at the Dugdale Theatre and marketing department for all their support for this project, and ‘congratulations’ to all of the poets whose work appeared in the exhibition and to those who continue to be featured in this popular project.

The links below take you to the Posters and the year and month that they appeared over the last four or five years.


2021 January
January 2021
2021 February
February 2021
2021 March
March 2021
2021 April
April 2021
2021 May
May 2021
2021 June
June 2021
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