Goddess & Other Poems by Anthony Fisher


A collection of autobiographical poems by Anthony Fisher written over 30 years between the early 1990s and 2021.


As I was gathering the poems for this collection I realised that almost all are in the way of an autobiography. Some are better than others but all tell a story and so the overall theme was decided.

Most do not rhyme or are to a recognised form but they have what I call the “shape’ of a poem and evoke a feeling or paint a picture of what I saw or experienced. They were written from the early 1990s to the present and have gone through varying degrees of editing a rewriting and this process will continue. Publishing a poem has the disadvantage of fixing a version but as reworking can go on forever there comes a time when a poet has to cry “enough”.

Finally I would like to acknowledge the late Jane Elder for igniting the ambition to write poetry within me and my wife Valerie Darville for being such an honest critic and thank her for her unwavering help and encouragement.

I dedicate this collection of poetry to Valerie.

“Goddess summons a powerful sense of feminine strength, wisdom and beauty. This collection is a worshipful honouring of the goodness and beauty to be found in love and family, and the lifelong quest for knowledge of people and place, past and present.”

Cheryl Moskowitz

“Thank you for summing up my childhood in the best of all mediums – poetry”

Sian Phillips

Anthony Fisher is an industrial chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has been developing and manufacturing industrial cleaning products since 1964, and started his own business in 1988. A father and grandfather, he is married to the poet Valerie Darville with whom, and the late Jane Elder, he helped found Enfield Poets. He has been writing poetry since the early 1990s.

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