Events In Brief

2018 Ongoing
Creative Writing Classes.

Enfield Poets have launched a new creative writing class for poets. The classes are on Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm in the Dugdale Theatre and will run every other week. They will cost just £5 per session. See ‘Workshops’ page of website for full details.


Saturday, February 3rd
The Dugdale Centre
Enfield Poets Present:
Tim Waller, Veronica Zundel
+ Sheila Alduous
+ Open Mic

TIM WALLER has been described as a passionate American poet and his reading will centre on relationships. Formerly an award winning English speech and theatre instructor, he has directed over 100 shows and currently studies poetry at the London Poetry School. He is a multiple National Endowment recipient and also a multiple National Landmark recipient. His poetry has been published in the Newham Writers Anthology, the Miami Betsy Hotel chapbook and in England in Enfield Poets He also recently read at the Enfield Poem-a-Thon in aid of Syrian refugees. He has been a featured poet with the Dodo Modern Poets at the Poetry Café (2016) and Torriano Meeting House (2017).

VERONICA ZUNDEL is an award-winning columnist, non-fiction writer and poet who lives in Muswell Hill with her husband, adult son and a large, fluffy cat. She has won the Barnet Open Poetry Competition, and in last year’s competition took no less than three Commendeds. Veronica is a student on the Poetry School MA in Writing Poetry. Until 2016, when it closed, she was a member of the only English-speaking, non-conservative Mennonite church in the UK. Veronica is also proud of her Austrian-Jewish heritage.

SHEILA ALDOUS has an MA in Creative Writing. She won the Yeovil Poetry Prize 2016, and 3rd Prize in the Poetry Teignmouth Competition 2017. She has been published in Broadsheet, Pzazz and (due in 2018) Obsessed with Pipework, Orbis and Acumen. Her first collection is being published by Indigo Dreams.  Sheila is a member of the Poetry Society, Poetry Teignmouth, Moor Poets and Manor House Writers. She takes part in readings mostly in the South West but recently read at the Enfield Poem-a-Thon.

We start at 7.30 p.m. with Poets from the Floor, and end by 10 p.m, with a break for refreshments and socialising.


2 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Mary Duggan

    A wondrous evening was spent captivating the essence of
    michael Donaghy’s philosophising poems and ironical wit.Wow, like Woodstock the poets came. And his lovely wife Maddy Paxman gave readings as a delightful teller of her published biography of her shared life with this poet.
    From Alan Murray’s insights and this workshop group ideas, from the voices in the evening crescendoing at Enfield Poets the praise was raised of Michael Donaghy. Not only both iinspiration and celebration but an education that will inform my poetry. An evening I will not forget!

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