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2017 Ongoing
Creative Writing Classes.

Enfield Poets have launched a new creative writing class for poets. The classes are on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm in the Dugdale Theatre and will run every other week. They will cost just £5 per session. See ‘Workshops’ page of website for full details


7.30 Saturday October 7th 2017
The Dugdale Centre, Enfield
Enfield Poets Present
Philip Fried and Cheryl Moskowitz
+ Open Mic.


An American poet at present touring the UK, Philip Fried’s Squaring the Circle, his 7th collection of poems, is humorous and yet mysterious in its evocation of esoteric physics and theology. The title poem presents a mystic/scientific quest for an impossible geometry as both a vaudevillian historical catastrophe and a way of understanding God. Using pastiche and mashups of texts to explore historical moments and personal history, it adopts many forms and approaches. But behind all these, there is a strong sense of a personae – the feeling, as Stanley Kunitz once said, that a poet has imagined the person who could write such poems.

Cheryl was born in Chicago and has lived in London all her adult life. A trained psychodynamic counsellor, Cheryl co-founded LAPIDUS, the association for Literary Arts and Personal Development. She is a poet, novelist and translator. She also writes for children and has been Poet-in-Residence at Highfield Primary School in Enfield since 2014. Her poetry for children has featured on BBC TV’s A Bear Behind and Beebie’s Poetry Pie series, and been published in the collection Can It Be About Me? (Frances Lincoln, 2012). Her adult poems have appeared widely in poetry magazines in the US and the UK. Book publications include her novel Wyoming Trail (Granta) and poetry collection The Girl in the Smiling Circle (Circle Time Press). Cheryl also devised and performed in the recent, hugely successful Dugdale production, City on Fire, an exciting and ground-breaking fusion of poetry, film, and music, which also featured Hannah Lowe, Richard Price, Alan Murray, and West End musical director and composer, Alastair Gavin. Cheryl is a fantastic poet and a mesmerising performer, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to see her in action.

We start at 7.30 p.m. with Poets from the Floor, and end by 10 p.m. with a break for refreshments and socialising.
Admission £3.50, Concessions £2.50.


2 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Mary Duggan

    A wondrous evening was spent captivating the essence of
    michael Donaghy’s philosophising poems and ironical wit.Wow, like Woodstock the poets came. And his lovely wife Maddy Paxman gave readings as a delightful teller of her published biography of her shared life with this poet.
    From Alan Murray’s insights and this workshop group ideas, from the voices in the evening crescendoing at Enfield Poets the praise was raised of Michael Donaghy. Not only both iinspiration and celebration but an education that will inform my poetry. An evening I will not forget!

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