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Whether you want to capture some memorable experience, come to terms with a difficult one, or make a name for yourself as a published, prize-winning author, writing poetry can be very rewarding. It doesn’t call for divine inspiration. Nor do you need some unique gift or special talent. Writing poetry is a craft that can be learned. All that’s required is a little encouragement and expert guidance.

That’s why Enfield Poets have launched a new creative writing class for poets. The class will be suitable both for beginners and for more experienced poets who want to develop their technique or take their writing to the next level. Unlike many other poetry classes which only offer sketchy feedback on work already produced, these classes will offer a carefully structured introduction to all aspects of the writing process. Each session will involve a short presentation by the tutor on a particular topic, followed by discussion, analysis of examples, and opportunities to put into practice the techniques covered in the class. At the end of each session, students will be encouraged to produce a poem for the next session in which they develop these techniques still further, and will receive feedback on their work from the tutor.

Topics covered will include:
Thinking like a poet; Developing your creativity; Creating the right working conditions; Choosing your subject matter; Getting started; Producing first drafts; Using models; Revising and editing your poem; Developing your own voice; Modes of writing: free vs formal verse; Poetic forms (the sonnet etc); The music of poetry: sound and sense; Rhyme and rhythm; Preparing for a reading; How to get published; Success in competitions; Raising your profile as a writer.

The classes are at 7.30pm, every other Wednesday, at the Dugdale Theatre. Each session costs just £5 and will be taught by Alan Murray, a former university lecturer, prize-winning poet, and freelance writer and teacher (see below). If you would like to attend these classes, contact Alan Murray at

The Tutor
DSC02307 - CopyAlan Murray has taught philosophy at a number of London universities, including Middlesex, Greenwich, and Goldsmiths, and has published numerous reviews and essays for academic journals. His poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies, and he has given readings and hosted workshops at venues all over the country. Some of his recent projects include writing and performing shows that combine poetry and music, such as the hugely successful ‘Life and Work of John Donne’ which was staged at both Forty Hall and the Torbay Poetry Festival. He also appeared alongside Hannah Lowe, Richard Price, and Cheryl Moskowitz in ‘City on Fire’ a multimedia performance with a score by West End musical director, Alastair Gavin, plus film and visuals by George Gavin.  In February 2013, Acumen published his debut poetry publication, Perhaps. He is also the author of a philosophical work: Michel Serres: A Brief Introduction (May 2015), as well as The Little Book of Pessimism; An Anthology of Quips, Quotes, Poetry and Prose. Alan is one of the organisers of Enfield Poets, and the co-ordinator of the Enfield Poets stanza group. He has a website where you can read some of his poetry and his essays at:

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4 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Mary Duggan

    Looking forward to Alan’s workshop as a superb lead to new thoughts on poetical frameworks and its
    craft. Mary, Enfield Stanza.

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