Poetry Sound Library

Poetry Sound Library – https://poetrysoundlibrary.weebly.com/

Poetry Sound Library, created by Italian poet and sound artist Giovanna Iorio, enables readers to hear poets’ voices and see where they come from on the World map. The map collect voices and poems in their original language.

The purpose of this non-profit project is simple: promote poetry and share the rich patrimony of voices of poetry. No money is required to join the project and anyone can participate.

Poetic Voices

The Online Audio Archive for Ordinary Poets: https://poeticvoices.live/

Poetic Voices enables poets of all ages and backgrounds to share their work on a simple, easy-to-use, accessible platform. Not only is it a useful tool for artists, it also serves as an online library of sorts, in which you can explore and discover poets, get inspired, or simply to get lost in the art of poetry.

Poetry Jukebox

Anthony Fisher’s ‘Londinium’ exhibition at the Dugdale Theatre was remarkable for many reasons, but one of the things that most captured people’s imagination was his inspired idea of installing a jukebox in the foyer on which you could listen to recordings of the poems.

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