The winners of the Enfield Poets’ Poetry Competition chosen by judge Ruth Padel

We were delighted to receive over 1000 entries to our poetry competition – thank you to everyone who took part, as the poems all provided very generous entry into people’s lives and imaginations.

Congratulations to all the poets!

We are delighted to announce the winners:

First prize goes to Rachel Davies from Oldham for Alternative Mother #1: Naamah, daughter of Lamech.
Second prize to Michael Brett from London for ‘The Crab Nebula Tea Detectives
Third prize to Sue Norton from York for ‘Night Call at Samaritans’.

The judge would also like to commend the following poets for their entries:
Jan Moran Neil from Beaconsfield for ‘Sunday Shoes’; Tim Kiely from London for The Archivist, and Cheryl Pearson from Manchester for ‘Portrait of the Alcoholic Father’s Liver as a Working Horse’.

Click the above links to read all of our winning poems.


  • Elizabeth Barton from Surrey – ‘The Haunting
  • Christopher James from Suffolk – ‘Charles Blondin Circumnavigates the Earth
  • Holly McCann from Guildford – ‘You Are Not a Bad Father
  • Michaela Coplen from Oxford, 2 poems – ‘Anvil‘ and ‘Sometimes After a Long Day, I Pretend I am a Prizewinning Pony
  • Jessica Mayhew from Hertfordshire – ‘The Christmas Fair in January
  • Minifreda Grovetszki from London – ‘How the Big Men Die
  • Carolyn King from Ventnor – ‘Riffing with Stéphane Grappelli
  • Petra Francesca Bagnardi from Rome – ‘The First Cinema
  • Veronica Zundel from London – ‘Survivors
  • Michael Brett from London, 2 poems – ‘Viking Snails‘ and ‘A Supermarket Trolley Dreams of the Great Migration Back to Shanghai

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