Enfield Poet Mary T Duggan has curated a series of poems to grow along the Great Northern Line.

Shaypress Mural at Gordon Hill Station
Shaypress Mural at Gordon Hill Station

The poems will appear at times on Platform 2 of Enfield Chase station and in the waiting room at Gordon Hill Station.

The poems at Gordon Hill form part of a larger art project created by the Friends of Gordon Hill which also includes the magnificent new Mural pictured here created by Shaypress.

A complete collection of poems will also feature on the Enfield Poets website and you can view them here.

The Enfield Poets would love to hear from poets inspired by the railways. If you would like a poem considered to be included in this project please e-mail us at info@enfieldpoets.com 


  1. This is such a wonderful idea and an opportunity to pause for thought and imagination outside all the endless advertising usually put up. Good job!

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