Stanza Group May 2019

Re-energised, Enfield Stanza are thriving with fourteen to eighteen quality poets (ten to twelve regulars).
We inter-change poem crits with themed challenges along with friendly fun.

Many are published poets, one member has her first publication but all still learning from one another. We have a full bardic itinerary: Readings at Kentish Town and local festivals. April to May we exhibited and read our poems at the Imago Dei local exhibition. For the second year read at The Poetry Corner’ within Enfield Town’s Charter Market festival.

With group readings, after the summer break in ‘The Speakers Corner’ within a large North London festival and at Torriano, Kentish Town. A theatre production: “Past Voices in Enfield in W.W.2 ” also requiring poets thoughtful readings and input for the L. B.Enfield W.W.2 day-long Conference.

Poems of the month include Stanza in displays in the window at the Dugdale. Enfield Town’s centre glass hub as well as encouragement to post poems in local paper The Dispatch. Didn’t they do well!

Mary Duggan
Enfield Stanza

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