Good Bite, Good Write!

Exiting news! The Enfield Poets have teamed up with the EN_FOOD Cafe and Bar at the Dugdale Centre to indulge your body and mind! You can now enjoy delicious homemade food while reading a poem of one of our members. Every month 2-3 different poems are chosen to be displayed in the cafe, throughout the month. Poems are placed on each table and you can take them home, if you like.

The EN_FOOD Cafe serves delicious homemade food and drinks using locally sourced ingredients and made in house by the Sustainability focused Head Chef Ben Murphy.

The En_Food Cafe is Open Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 3.30pm
The En_Food Bar is Open every evening when there is a performance in the Theatre from 6.30pm

Good bite, good write! What’s not to like?


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